“yohaku” is a fashion brand launched in 2009 by Sankabe, the company producing underwear which established in 1969. When people meet some object, there is blank space (yohaku in Japanese) between them. And the blank space makes new relationship of people and object depending on how we think the space—for example, filling space or leaving much space. yohaku keeps thinking what kind of products they should send all over the world and all kind of clothes of yohaku is maintained this philosophy. To tell the truth, this new logo mark has been used as the logo mark of SHITEKI NA SHIGOTO since 2009—as it happens, yohaku was our contemporary! When Nobuyuki Watanabe the president of Sankabe met Go Uchida in autumn in 2017, he was surprised from the bottom of his heart because the shape of ex-logo of SHITEKI NA SHIGOTO meant blank. At the same instant SHITEKI NA SHIGOTO had a plan to change our logo mark in 2018. As a result, the transfer of logo mark amongst yohaku and SHITEKI NA SHIGOTO materialized. We designed the original typography for yohaku due to the transfer. yohaku is changing its logo mark to its all products accordingly after spring of 2018.

Client: yohaku
Direction, Design: Go Uchida