A same poem gives different impressions every time we read the poem. You have probably experienced that before. That’s just ‘ageing.’ When Go Uchida told that poetry is an ageing art, the president of yohaku/Sankabe Nobuyuki Watanabe responded to the phrase immediately and a wonderful idea of starting new brand flashed suddenly over his soul. The attractive point of the new brand “ningen no fuku” is that nothing is the same—size, colour, the print condition etc. It seems like human (=ningen in Japanese) who has different birthplace, the environment, character, problem and wish. And, another feature of this brand is the point which all clothes is printed beautiful poems written about various expressions of human. We engaged brand naming and designed the logo mark with the dynamic and rough character to express the existence like ‘Homo sapiens’ as a kind of wild animals, not ‘human’ as the intellectual existence.

Client: yohaku
Naming, Direction, Design: Go Uchida