Iroiro is a project by Naoaki Sakaguchi who creates stencil art, nut objects and other crafts and holds workshops in Nagano Prefecture with the motto of creating all kinds of colours, shapes and things. I designed the logo mark as a base for continuing his activities more freely and actively than ever before. The logo was designed on the motif of a single eye which means a single eye with the ability to see things through, unique and keen insight into the nature of things. There are also various other symbols such as the monocular giant Cyclops from Greek mythology (the god of skilled blacksmiths) and the Eye of Udjat that is the left eye of the ancient Egyptian sky god Horus (symbol of healing, restoration, and regeneration). In his workshop, many children used to participate in it, so I designed the logo has a sense of excitement.

Client: iroiro
Direction, Design: Go Uchida