I designed the logo mark and logotype for Honmachi Oven, a bread, cafe and bar shop scheduled to open in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture in May. Based on the idea of ​​“opening a bakery in an increasingly hollowed-out town to bring it back to life,” I designed a person holding a flag to represent “signal the bread has freshly baked” and “the new flagman for town.” to the logo. The flag is made of the letters “honmachi” and the person is made of the “OVEN”. We don’t hope to settle for the perfunctory design that stopped thinking, like “Since it's a bakery, the logo should be in the shape of bread,” so I dug up the ideal design from the thoughts, motivations, and vision whilst asking a question “Why did they start this store?” These colorful colors also have meanings—yellow is future and hope, red is sun, blue is air, green is life and food, brown is ground.

Client: honmachi oven
Direction, Design: Go Uchida