Copy and Graphic Designing for a member of the diet, Makoto Yamazaki

Until today, Makoto Yamazaki, a member of the diet, has been consistently calling for the change to sustainable energy and social system without being dependent on nuclear power plant in the fields of energy, education, economy, industrial policy, local autonomy, agriculture forestry and fishes throughout his life. The attitude toward his policy haven’t been changed through his first year of the Democratic Party of Japan, a few years working in the sustainable energy field out of the political world, and the second year of the Democratic Party of Japan in 2017. Polishing and editing his policy manuscript, writing tag line, and copywriting along with graphic designs such as posters, fliers, postcards, business cards are what I have taken parts for his public announcements. When it comes to Japanese members of the diet, they tend to struggle with a conflict between realization their policies and complex dynamism among politicians. In other words, it is not easy to build up their activities being true to what they believe in. This time, writing and graphic design were aimed to play an active part in an election. In short, I did branding to realize both reelection necessary to put his policy into practice and declaration of his brief. We have decided to adopt his faith “dedication to the people” as tag line, which we have figured it out together in the process of designing. A symbol color emerald used in my works represents “love” and “dedication”.

Client: Makoto Yamazaki
Direction, Design, Writing: Go Uchida
Editing: Daichi Matsunaga
Photograph: Shiho Furumaya
Web Developer: Testsuya Watanabe(Yamabatosha)