The store of bread and daily necessaries “wazawaza” is in Tomi-shi, Nagano. In 2017, Page-A-Day Calendar 2018 was published and sold as one of its original products. The publication would be a challenge for wazawaza because its product development was limited to the bare necessities of life—breads, cookies, t-shirt, socks etc and Page-A-Day Calendar was the first product to enrich someone’s mind in their life. Wazawaza couldn’t sell out Calendar 2018, but it decided to publish Calendar 2018 because it was a good reputation with many users, so I designed again Page-A-Day Calendar 2019. I didn’t change the basic design to enable a user to surely discriminate a series of product. I wrote every dates for 365 days without using the same letter again because there never be another today, and tried to draw new letter having sharpness—it means the growing form of wazawaza, its staffs’ souls, the wind blowing strongly the hill and the future that wazawaza hopes. A message from the owner of wazawaza Haruka Hirata and a gifted poem from Go Uchida are new one. The layout of each pages, a floral pattern printed on the title page and the book belt—they were revamped with playful mind.

Client: wazawaza
Direction & Design: Go Uchida
Typography: Go Uchida
Printing: Fujiwara Printing co.,ltd.
Binding: DANK SEKI Co,Lid.
Photograph: Haruka Hirata, Hiroyuki Wakana (wazawaza)