The store of bread and daily necessaries “wazawaza” is in Tomi-shi, Nagano. After wazawaza had published its first book “The Work Style Of Wazawaza”, I was consulted to design a brush-up version of the book from them. At the time, the owner Haruka Hirata talked about their photos which had been contributing on instagram and its website. Their photos is one of the most important media to show days of wazawaza and its fans love the photos. So we decided to try to publish page-a-day calendar with their nice photos and the owner’s messages. I directed the planning and designed totally.
The dates display was written by my hand. In addition to it, I wrote every dates for 365 days without using the same letter over and over again because there never be another today. As the owner hope that each pages must be as simple to use as postcards, memos and letters after cutting away, I asked about the proper designs of perforated line and the proper bookbinding strength to Fujiwara Printing and Dank Seki.

Client: wazawaza
Direction, Package Design, Typography: Go Uchida
Printing: Fujiwara Printing co.,ltd.
Binding: DANK SEKI Co,Lid.
Photograph: Haruka Hirata, Hiroyuki Wakana (wazawaza)